BLUE BIO MED Completes mapping of the role played by the blue bio economy in RIS3 innovation priorities and other innovation strategies

Work Package 3 (WP3) in Blue Bio Med aims at mapping the territorial innovation trends and priorities related to the blue bioeconomy in the EU Mediterranean countries, and the contribution of these trends and priorities to the SDGs. In turn, WP3 intends to highlight the links between territorial and transnational strategies, and across different types of territorial strategies –RIS3 and sectoral strategies–. The work carried out in WP3, in sum, sets out to highlight common priorities, thematically and across countries, around the blue bioeconomy.

Currently, the efforts of WP3 are close to fruition. Over the last months, Blue Bio Med partners have carried out a mapping exercise, exploring how the blue bioeconomy is promoted in the smart specialisation strategies of the regions and countries participating in the project. Concretely, partners have reviewed the smart specialisation strategies, assessing how blue bioeconomy priorities are included in these strategies. Later on, it has been assessed to what extent these priorities have unfolded into innovation projects.

More recently, two related efforts have been carried out:

  • The first is a survey to policymakers in the regions involved in Blue Bio Med. Policymakers are inquired about how blue bioeconomy priorities have been included in the RIS3 strategies –in policy design and implementation– for the programming period 2014-2020, and how they will be part of the RIS3 strategies in the upcoming programming period (2021-2027). Additionally, policymakers are asked about potential linkages between RIS3 strategies, and transnational cooperation initiatives.
  • The second is a series of country reports, summarising the findings gathered through the mapping exercise and the survey. Additionally, the reports will include information on regional/national strategies relevant to the blue bioeconomy outside RIS3, as well as initiatives such as clusters, networks, or alliances.

In the coming weeks, Blue Bio Med will roll out the country reports as one of the project deliverables. More information will follow!