Blue Bio Med and B-Blue learn about transformative innovation policy and explore opportunities for collaboration, in a PANORAMED workshop

Partners from Blue Bio Med and B-Blue participated in a joint workshop organised within the PANORAMED Innovation Work Package (WP10), on March 24.

The workshop, coordinated by Generalitat de Catalunya, aimed at introducing the conceptual frameworks developed in the literature on transformative innovation policies to Blue Bio Med and B-Blue. These frameworks can help partners from the two projects promote that multiple types of actors –.e.g. companies, governments, research institutions, civil society– develop innovative solutions to tackle complex sustainable development challenges, related to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Concretely, these frameworks can help Blue Bio Med and B-Blue partners understand how they can promote the development of new sustainable activities in areas of the blue bio economy such as blue biotechnology and aquaculture while ensuring synergies with established players. The new, emerging activities should contribute to transforming the blue bioeconomy innovation ecosystem towards sustainable development while ensuring its contribution to the SDGs. The conceptual frameworks included the two loops model, the multi-level perspective, and the shared agendas approach.

Simultaneously, the workshop helped stimulating new collaboration opportunities between Blue Bio Med and B-Blue, around the sustainable innovation challenges that the blue bioeconomy faces in the Mediterranean. The activities of the workshop, an interactive online webinar that included activities in small groups, helped the partners from the two projects identify mutual interests, to be further explored in joint actions.