One Mediterranean: practices, results and strategies for a common Sea BlueMed CSA Final Conference

The Mediterranean Sea is a crucial crossroad for the history, economy and culture of Europe, Middle East and North African countries. Many different interests depend on its resources, and the development of a coordinated plan for a shared, coherent and sustainable management is of paramount importance. Moreover, crucial issues like plastic pollution need to be tackled together by all Mediterranean countries, and pooling all relevant knowledge and people both from research and from the socio-political arena.

The BlueMed Initiative, launched in 2014, addresses these challenges, working on all the relevant levels, stimulating pan-Mediterranean network-building and coordinating thematic platforms. The co-building of a shared Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda, the subsequent goals prioritisation and the development of their Implementation Plans, as well as the outcomes of the Pilot Initiative for a Healthy, Plastic-free Mediterranean Sea, of the Start Up Actions and of the Ambassadors’ Programme are the most mature achievements of the BlueMed work and will be presented during the conference.

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