BLUE BIO MED - Mediterranean Innovation Alliance for sustainable blue economy



The Blue bioeconomy in Mediterranean needs better governance of innovation policies, with a transnational approach, focusing on fulfilling the Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through innovation.

The project aims at bridging the transnational governance frameworks active in the Mediterranean area (i.e. UfM, UNEP-MAP, EUSAIR, WestMed, Bluemed Initiative, etc.) with the territorial - regional/national – policy making.

R&I strategies for smart specialisation (RIS3) are the key entry point to understand and orient the innovation trends and priorities across MED regions and connect transnational cooperation with investments for growth and jobs of the Cohesion Policy.

The project BLUEBIOMED will be an open platform for an inclusive co-design process with the wider innovation community promoting a bottom-up MED Innovation Alliance for the blue bieconomy to streamline multiple efforts and initiatives around the Mediterranean.

BLUE BIO MED will support the start-up of the Alliance to boost the Mediterranean leadership in transformative innovation of the blue economy.

What is Blue Bioeconomy?

Blue Economy can be considered the Green economy applied to the sea (as in the Agenda 2030). The term includes any economic activity related to the use use of renewable marine biological resources to make other products.products. The resulting products include human and animal food, novel foods and additives, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, materials, and energy.

Blue bioeconomy is a field of innovation and sustainability that turns aquatic biomass into valuable and sustainable products.

The governance of innovation policies in the Blue bioeconomy is characterized by a complex interplay of policies promoting innovation at different territorial scales (regional, national, international), where quadruple helix stakeholders should interact to develop and implement innovation policies.

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